By A. Hartley Shakes
Oh God, where are you?
As emptiness and carnal inclination tug at my spiritual might,
I search feverishly everywhere seeking Your presence,
And in constant need of You, but You are not I sight.

These eyes of mine and the sights they behold,
This flesh possessing me, I try to control
But the power within me has lost its stranglehold
My spirit has lost its warmth; God, I’m cold

Where are You?


My daily search yields nothing and seems a futile effort
As I search faces and places for a glimpse of You,
Only to find that my spirit sometimes gets parched like a humid desert

I’m spiritually weak and feeling so down
Because my spirit is frequently possessed by a constant frown
My God, my Father, this you cannot condone
Help me my Savior!

I am all alone


Are you there?
Fear wreaks constant havoc during this quest of mine
As I traverse even the valley of death seeking your face
But my heart and hands are still empty; You I cannot find.

Am I diligently seeking your face
In the right place
Or am I just another participant in a ludicrous race?
Lord, please give me another taste.

Let me just sink to my knees in this unfamiliar way
As my search for You continues; just another day
Oh no it’s not!

This must be you!

I feel you!

I feel you!
You’re right by my side!
My spirit feels ablaze and my soul so alive!
Forgive me Christ Jesus for my spiritual slide.

Let me just run to your arms open so wide
Where I’ll relax in your presence, there I want to abide
I’ve foolishly set mine eyes on things of this world
Andlost my way back, forgetting Your word

I had forgotten about the potency of prayer, our language to you my King
You are my Alpha, my Omega, my Lord and everything
I’ll just linger awhile in your awesome presence, as I present these offerings,
My body, soul and spirit, for now that’s all I bring.

seek-n-find-god1© Ainsworth Shakes March, 2015

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So when the noise fades away and the beauty of youth is gone
With ageism confronting you and you’re looked upon in scorn
What will you have then if on spirituality you hadn’t drawn
And the elements of morality had not defined your dawn?

The chaos and confusion that surrounds you every day
Serve only to distract you from God’s path, His holy and precious way
If your primary focus is on accomplishments in this worldly fray
Then ultimately your spiritual maturity will be held at bay.


Your primary purpose is to serve God, our Heavenly King
Via the sacrifices, talents and offerings that you bring
So sacrifice flesh for spiritual renewing
Because this is the only medium through which you’ll know Him.

© 2015, Ainsworth Shakes

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her© Ainsworth Shakes 2014

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I’ve set my sights on Heaven

Knowing that one day I’ll walk with you,

Finding joy in Your presence

And in constant awe of Your countenance.


In all the madness and utter confusion

Of this world, this life, this place,

I am consoled by the thought that one day

I’ll be illuminated by the radiance of Your glory

Your magnificence, Your face.

My desire is to serve You and only You my God,

But often times I am so weak I know not what to do.

I need your strength to revitalize this mortal body

Soul and mind so that I will be able to rise

In total praise to you my King;

For this I’d do anything

This mortal body which entraps me

Just seeks to satisfy itself,

While from deep inside I scream!

Yearning for spiritual strength.


My heart cries aloud though my lips are silent,

Beckoning to You through prayers

Which I hope are effectual and fervent,

Seeking constant dialogue with you my Holy Master,

My King, my God, my Abba Father,

This is what I’m after.

For now my God, I’ll just patiently wait

In anticipation of seeing angelic hosts on the golden streets,

Or just to sit quietly and humbly at your feet.

Until then my God, I’ll be incomplete.

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Ainsworth Shakes ©2013-07-03

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